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What Sets Our Sex Toys Apart?

Lealso sex toy material motor

Sex toys encompass various elements, including silicone compositions, motor mechanisms, and battery. Today, let’s delve into the realm of motor variations and key factors affecting the noise profiles of these intimate devices.

The Operating Principle of Vibrating Motors in Intimate Toys Vibrating motors embedded within adult toys operate on the principle of eccentric rotation. These motors comprise an engine that propels an irregularly contoured eccentric wheel, resulting in vibration creation.

Numerous examples within the industry showcase the application of vibrating motors, including vibrators, bullet eggs, rotating rabbit vibrators, AV wands, and masturbators. The core purpose of these motors lies in generating the essential torque for enabling both the vibrational and rotational functionalities in adult toys.

Diverse Categories of Vibration Motors in Adult Toys The eccentric wheel at the heart of these motors is commonly constructed from materials like brass, tungsten steel, or iron sheets. This component plays a pivotal role in dictating the performance of vibrating adult toys.

powerful sex toy material vibrator motor

Brass Motor:

Frequently employed due to its favorable conductivity and mechanical attributes, brass aids in mitigating the noise emissions of vibrating motors. The incorporation of brass eccentric wheels stands as a prevalent and cost-effective solution, maintaining noise levels as low as ≤45.1 dB.

Tungsten Steel Motor:

Renowned for its robustness and longevity, tungsten steel finds its application in crafting eccentric wheels for vibrating motors. These wheels deliver consistent rotation, thereby minimizing vibrations and noise levels. Tungsten steel emerges as the prime selection for upscale intimate devices.

Iron Sheets Motor:

While iron sheets present a more budget-friendly alternative, they might exhibit inferior mechanical properties and balance when contrasted with brass or tungsten steel. This could potentially result in heightened vibration and noise manifestations within vibrating motors.

Choose Right Material

Beyond the selection of eccentric wheel materials, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the noise output of a vibrating motor is also influenced by factors such as motor design precision and the choice of insulation materials.

When seeking out adult toys tailored to your unique preferences, a comprehensive comprehension of the materials employed proves indispensable. It’s important to emphasize that the right choice not only influences the performance but also shapes the sensory experience that these intimate devices provide.


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