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Factory Raw Material

sex toy battery vibrator

sex toy battery vibrator

Lealso uses standard batteries with a capacity of 600mAh for adult products. Through bulk purchasing, our factory secures cost-effective prices, ultimately reducing the unit cost of the finished products

sex toy vibrator motor

sex toy vibrator motor

Lealso utilizes powerful ungsten Steel motors, known for their durability and low noise, ensuring a long lifespan

Lealso 3D Design

Lealso 3D Design

Lealso has a dedicated 3D design department that can create and customize product aesthetics according to customer requirements.

circuit board sex toy

circuit board sex toy

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are vital electronic components that serve as the structural foundation for electronic devices and provide the electrical connections between electronic components

Custom Sex Toy Process

With 14 years of experience in adult product manufacturing, this page details the complete process of custom production by Lealso.

Our goal is to assist wholesalers and brand owners


Customization of Ready-Made Products Customization Based on Provided Drawings / Samples Determine the customer’s customization requirements.

Confirm customization details and feasible options, communicate with the customer for feedback, and negotiate and discuss.


Provide the customer with an initial quote and the production timeline for the customized product.


Customer approves quote and preliminary plan, makes mold cost


Engineers provide 3D printed samples for shape and size confirmation based on clear functionality

Produce official samples


The customer confirms the sample, signs the contract, and pays the deposit


Commence bulk raw material procurement


Warehouse Department: Receiving and issuing materials

Production Department: Small-batch trial production


Bulk Production


Warehouse Department: awaiting shipment

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