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rechargeable bullet vibrator black
anal toy with bullet vibrator black
anal plug for beginners black
food grade silicone anal toy
vibrating bulllet with remote control
rechargeable bullet vibrator black
anal toy with bullet vibrator black
anal plug for beginners black
food grade silicone anal toy
vibrating bulllet with remote control

Wholesale Anal Plug Training Set Remote Control Vibrator

Beginner-friendly Three-piece Anal Plug Training Set, acceptable customizable colors, compatible with rechargeable bullets, and available in three sizes

Product Description and Parameters

Product Video

Anal Plug Training Set Description

Material Silicone, ABS
classification of waterproof 100% waterproof
Noise <45dB
Motor Single motor(bullet)
Certificate ISO9001 CE.RoHS,MSDS,FDA
Weight(g) 184g for a set
Bullet Speed 10
Bullet Vibrate Mode 10
Charging Method USB
Color black,customs color

Sale Points and Feature

Introducing Our Anal Training Plug Set: Perfect for Beginners with Three Size Options!

🌈 Gradual Sizing for Ultimate Comfort: Small, Medium, Large:
Take control of your comfort level! Our anal training plug set is thoughtfully designed with three sizes – small, medium, and large – allowing beginners to progress at their own pace for a customized and comfortable experience.

🌀 Spiral Pattern Design: An Instant Attraction:
Immerse yourself in elegance! Our plugs feature an eye-catching spiral pattern design, ensuring not only comfort but also a touch of sophistication that makes them visually appealing. Love at first sight is guaranteed!

🔒 Tailored for Beginners:
Begin your journey with confidence! Specifically crafted for beginners, our training plug set offers a gentle introduction to anal play. The incremental sizing ensures a seamless progression from small to large, allowing you to explore at your comfort.

✨ Premium Materials for Sensational Comfort:
Elevate your pleasure with quality! Our plugs are crafted from premium materials, ensuring a delightful blend of smoothness and firmness. Experience the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction during your anal training journey.

🎁 Discreet Packaging for Privacy:
Your secrets, our priority! Delivered in discreet packaging, our anal training plug set respects your privacy, allowing you to indulge in your desires with confidence.

🌟 The Perfect Gift for Intimate Exploration:
Surprise and delight! Our anal training plug set makes for an ideal gift, encouraging sensual exploration and intimacy. Give the gift of pleasure with a set that seamlessly combines style and comfort.

🧼 Anal Training Plug Set-Easy to Clean, Easy to Love:
Simplify your maintenance routine! Our plugs are designed for effortless cleaning, ensuring you can focus on the pleasure without any hassle.

Embark on a journey of sensual exploration with our Anal Training Plug Set – meticulously designed for beginners. With customizable sizing, a captivating spiral design, and a commitment to comfort, this set is destined to become your go-to choice. Shop now for an intimate experience that seamlessly blends elegance, comfort, and privacy!


Why Choose Us

14 Years Manufacture Experience

Deep understanding of the Chinese adult product market and have established long-term and stable partnerships with sex toy raw material vendors.

Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer

We have extensive experience in producing and customizing sex toys according to the specific requirements and designs of your clients.

Complete Certifications

It helps your products to be legally sold locally.Fast customs clearance.

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