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Colorful Butt Plug
Colorful Butt Plug

Colorful Butt Plug Silicone China Manufacturer Wholesale

Colorful Butt Plug Silicone, available in large, medium, and small sizes for your preference. Can also be sold as anal plug sets. Also have vibrating options.

Product Description and Parameters

Silicone Colorful Butt Plug Description

Colorful Red Style Red,Purple,Blue,Pink
Colorful Black Style Black,Blue,Purple,Red,Yellow


Colorful Black Style Yellow,Green,Brown,Black

Unique Visual Effects

yellowgreen roseblack pinkrose
Each style presents different visual effects attributed to variations in color block size and amplitude.

Colorful Anal Plug Highlight

Sleek Design: The colorful butt plug boasts a sleek and ergonomic design for comfortable use.

Premium Material: colorful butt plug crafted from high-quality black silicone, ensuring a smooth and body-safe experience.

Waterproof Performance: With an IPX7 waterproof rating, this colorful anal plug is suitable for aquatic adventures, adding versatility to your intimate moments.

RoHS Compliance: The anal butt plug adheres to RoHS standards, guaranteeing its environmental friendliness and safety.

Compact Size: Compact dimensions of 10×6×2.6cm make it easy to handle and store discreetly.

Optimal Dimensions: Featuring an insertion diameter of 2.6cm and an insertion length of 6.5cm, providing a satisfying experience.

Hygienic Packaging: Individually packaged in aluminum foil bags, ensuring hygiene and protection during transportation.

Convenient Quantity: Available in packs of 300g, making it ideal for retailers or bulk orders.

Competitive Pricing: Priced at an attractive US$1.23 per unit, offering affordability without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us

14 Years Manufacture Experience

Deep understanding of the Chinese adult product market and have established long-term and stable partnerships with sex toy raw material vendors.

Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer

We have extensive experience in producing and customizing sex toys according to the specific requirements and designs of your clients.

Complete Certifications

It helps your products to be legally sold locally.Fast customs clearance.

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