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Wearable Vibrater APP Wireless Remote Control

Discover the APP wireless remote control wearable vibrater, a premium, body-safe adult toy with powerful vibrations and smart remote control. Perfect for brands seeking quality products.

Product Description and Parameters

Introducing the APP Wireless Remote Control Wearable Vibrator, a sophisticated and versatile addition to your adult toy collection. Designed for long-distance play

Product Features: APP Wearable Vibrater

  • Smart APP Remote Control: Wearable Vibrater Connect with your partner from different countries via the Smart APP, allowing remote control, video, and chat for an interactive experience.
  • Wearable Panty Design: The discreet, wearable design allows for use anytime and anywhere, adding fun and excitement to daily life.
  • Powerful Vibrations: Equipped with 10 different vibration modes, offering customizable pleasure to suit individual preferences.
  • Premium Silicone Material: Made from medical-grade silicone,wearable vibrater ensuring a soft, smooth, and body-safe feel.
  • Rechargeable and Waterproof: Features a USB rechargeable battery and a waterproof design, providing convenience and versatility in various environments.
  • Low Noise Operation: Designed to operate at a maximum noise level of ≤50db, ensuring discreet use.
  • Compact and Ergonomic: The compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to handle, use, and store.

Material Composition

  • Main Material: Medical-Grade Silicone

Packaging and Logistics

  • Packaging: Each wearable vibraterv is individually packaged in a discreet, elegant box to ensure product integrity during shipping and delivery.
  • Logistics: We offer global shipping with reliable and timely delivery options, tailored to meet your business needs.


Specification Details
Dimensions 9.5cm (length) x 3.5cm (diameter) x 8cm (width)
Weight 92.5g
Material Silicone
Modes 10 vibration modes
Maximum Noise ≤50db
Waterproof Rating IPX6
Charging Method DC pin charging

Order Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10 pieces per box
  • Box Specifications: 50x40x30 cm, 13.2 kg per box
  • Delivery Time: Standard delivery time is 5 days, depending on order quantity and production schedule.
  • Customization Services: We offer logo customization, private label packaging, and design modifications to enhance your brand identity.

Contact Information

For more product details or to place an order, please get in touch with us via the following:

  • Phone: +86 15914546801( Anika Lee)
  • Email:
  • Address: 3/F,No.4 ,Jinchang Road,JinSha Henan Industrial Zone, Changan Town, Dongguan City ,Guangdong Province,China

Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate with you, providing exceptional products and services to help your business thrive. Contact us today to request samples or discuss partnership opportunities.

Why Choose Us

14 Years Manufacture Experience

Deep understanding of the Chinese adult product market and have established long-term and stable partnerships with sex toy raw material vendors.

Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer

We have extensive experience in producing and customizing sex toys according to the specific requirements and designs of your clients.

Complete Certifications

It helps your products to be legally sold locally.Fast customs clearance.

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