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realistic penis sleeves silicone
realistic penis sleeves silicone

Realistic Penis Sleeve Silicone SML Size

The penis sleeve, in three sizes, is made of soft silicone for comfort and realism. Manufactured by a Chinese adult product factory since 2014.

Product Description and Parameters

Key Features:

Popular Size: Our realistic penis sleeve extender is available in a bestselling size that caters to a wide range of preferences.
Soft and Comfortable: Crafted from silicone material, this sleeve is soft and comfortable, ensuring a snug fit and an enjoyable experience.
Lifelike Texture: With an exquisitely designed appearance, this sleeve provides a lifelike texture, enhancing pleasure and realism.
Easy to Use: Designed for simplicity, this sleeve is effortless to wear and adds both length and girth for enhanced pleasure.

Realistic Penis Sleeve Size

Size Diameter (inch) Length (inch) Base (inch) Insertable Length (inch)
Small 1.26 4.33 4.92 3.23
Medium 1.26 5.31 4.92 4.76
Large 1.38 6.69 4.92 5.91


 Manufacturered by Lealso

This product is manufactured by Lealso Factory, established in 2014. Experience the bestselling size of our realistic penis sleeve extender, designed to enhance your sexual experience and bring you maximum pleasure.


Why Choose Us

14 Years Manufacture Experience

Deep understanding of the Chinese adult product market and have established long-term and stable partnerships with sex toy raw material vendors.

Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer

We have extensive experience in producing and customizing sex toys according to the specific requirements and designs of your clients.

Complete Certifications

It helps your products to be legally sold locally.Fast customs clearance.

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